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Photo of a glass building with a green lawn bisected by a sidewalk. There are some trees on the grass and a big red sculpture.


Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research — Luria Auditorium


MIT Building 76

500 Main Street

Cambridge, MA 02142


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The MIT - Kendall Square 
Biotech Ecosystem 

The greater Boston area, primarily Boston and Cambridge, is home to over 1,000 biotechnology companies, ranging from small start-ups to billion-dollar pharmaceutical companies. The high concentration of top universities in the area give the region an unparalleled network of scientists. The Kendall Square area of Boston holds a large concentration of the life science industry, totaling over 120 companies within a mile, and has been described as the "center of the nation’s biotechnology industry."

A map of Kendall Square showing all of the organizations focused on researching and innovating biotechnology.
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